This project exemplifies how identity can be projected and curated through technology and media until it is so filtered that the true identity of the subject is left in question. At the same time, I wanted to confront what constitutes an online persona as either fake or authentic and who are the self-proclaimed judges that are defining those terms for us?

Everything you see below I would claim as fragments of my identity that I am capable of reflecting depending on what my headspace is during any given day. No new photographic images were produced and no new clothing was purchased for the self-made boomerangs. So, despite the fact that most of the digitized depictions of identity displayed below would be thought of as belonging to different people – they are all authentic to me.

Human beings are naturally multifaceted creatures with mentalities, bodies and emotions that are constantly fluctuating and yet if we show that we are capable of more than one form of self-expression or stylized performance we are guilty of fraud.

Disclaimer: desktop background images not created by me.

Gallery Presentation

The videos were displayed on iMacs and looped as the audience walked around the space, absorbing each piece as both an individual and part of a whole.

The exemption of audio and repetitive nature of the content gave observers the ability to freely explore and walk through the space without feeling any pressure to experience the works in a linear fashion.