Full Moon Zodiac Card Reading

I felt called to do a reading and realized the full moon, known as the Buck Moon (among many other names), was on our celestial door and decided to pull out my purple velvet reading fabric and Spirit de la Lune Oracle for Lunar Guidance to share some powerful messages.

I set up a space dedicated to this reading, cleansed it and myself with palo santo, and applied some frankincense oil to my wrists before conducting the reading.

Astrology is highly personal, and I invite you to read and or apply the readings that resonate with the signs and planetary placements you place the most importance on so that this reading may serve you and your highest and greatest good.

Air Signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus placements)

30. Pisces ▽ The Psychic ▽ + Peridot Stone

Your emotions are flooding out of you due to your beautiful ability to sympathize and empathize with others, but a lack of boundaries is leaving your overwhelmed and drained. Sometimes in being so open, caring and compassionate we forget to be mindful of our own wellbeing and thus forget that we too need and deserve compassion.

You are like a sponge in this moment and need to release the weight of some of the water that you have been carrying. Listen to your limits, ground yourself, and reattach yourself to the present and treat yourself tenderly in the here and now.

EXTRA: I picked the stones prior to picking the cards and peridot is the stone of compassion, an important synchronicity that strengthens the theme of this reading.

Water Signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus placements)

24. Waning Gibbous ▽ Guidance ▽ + Sodalite Stone

You are being asked to trust both in yourself and your own ability to find the answers that will serve your highest purpose but also to trust in others, particularly the leaders and teachers in your life that will help to guide you should you as them for said guidance. You must find a balance between embodying the role of the mentee and the mentor to ensure that you remain guided by your intuition and not your ego.

Your guides are here for you both in the physical and the spiritual, they require only your communication and trust to be able to show you the path ahead and the clarity you seek, though the answer may not be what you want to hear or surprise you.

Earth Signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus placements)

29. Scorpio ▽ The Shaman ▽ + Found Round Stone

Your intensity and depth have served you well and you are being asked to go deeper still. There is more left for you to feel, more of your shadow to explore, and more messages to be heard from your ancestors and guides. You will find balance in the depths of your emotions because everything you are being called to express is exactly what you are meant to feel.

There is no need to fear your shadow when there is so much to be known and discovered about that part of you that is wild and free. Just remember to breath and find healthy mods of release when the journey becomes too intense for even some creatures of the sea must come up for air.

Fire Signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus placements)

28. Cancer ▽ The Nurturer ▽ + Citrine Stone

You have received a full moon message from the zodiac sigh ruled by the Moon herself who asks you to go inward so that you may nurture yourself and to create a physical sanctuary/sacred space where you can take some time out of your day to find emotional stability and center yourself.

Though you have been required to be strong and steadfast there is also a necessity for softness and comfort in order for you to replenish your joy light and happiness. A fire without kindling will eventually go out so you are being advised to take care in rder to continue burning brightly.

Your light truly nurtures others, but the Moon wishes to remind you that even she has days of hibernation where none can see her.

▽ Collective Elemental Message ▽

Each of the sets of zodiac signs received a card aligned with the element of water, I’ve read cards for long enough to have solidified my lack of belief in “coincidences” in the cards. So, here is my breakdown of what water is trying to tell us in this reading:

Water appears as a constant at first glance because it has such a common place in our everyday lives, but the truth is it too has known enormous change. There are places where once there were lakes and oceans where now there are mountains and deserts – and yet water has always found its place and shaped the earth around it wherever it flowed.

Like water, we must allow the landscape of our lives to change and keep the faith that we will remain full of life, energy, and power.

Thank you for finding meaning in my full moon reading and I hope I have communicated the messages the Moon and your guides meant for you.

Let me know if you would like more of these styles of posts in the future!

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