Oden’s Eye Cosmetics Brand Review

This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

The cosmetics industry has felt overwhelmingly saturated with product to the point that every new release has started to feel boring and unoriginal, but a makeup brand inspired by Norse mythology definitely isn’t something you hear about every day.

That is the unique niche that Oden’s Eye Cosmetics has carved out for itself in the beauty world and I tested out several of their most eye-catching products to see if the makeup’s performance matches the brand’s enchanting aesthetics.

Freja Diva Palette – $31
Solmåne Highlighter Palette – $33
Solmåne Eyeshadow Palette – $31
Alva Eyeshadow Palette – $32
Alva Cream Lip Stain in Water Lily, Sweet Tulip, & Poppy Girl – $16 (each)

Packaging and Customer Service

The product design will look gorgeous wherever you choose to display your makeup, and the eyeshadow palette covers look like frame-worthy works of art. I did have an issue with product leakage from the lip stains but after sending an email to the company their customer service not only got back to me quickly, but also sent me replacements with fast shipping at no extra cost to myself. The company also included two dual-sided rose gold brushes as a gift with my order, I suspect because of the quantity I purchased.

The use of the Swedish language throughout the naming of the eyeshadow and highlighter shades is a wonderful touch that further imbues the makeup with the culture the brand intends to celebrate.

It is in all of these details that the fantasy of Norse mythology comes to life while providing cohesive, romantic color stories that inspire play and offer the chance to learn a bit about another culture’s ancient traditions.


Product Test

The makeup exceeded my expectations and the eyeshadows particularly stole the show in this product test. I was able to create a very artistic and vibrant look using all three of the eyeshadow palettes (Freja Diva Palette, Solmåne Eyeshadow Palette, and Alva Eyeshadow Palette) and had no issue with the formula as it was pigmented, easy to blend, and had little to no fallout.

Some of the shimmers are more like pressed glitters while others are indeed true powder shimmers, and the mattes are some of the most show-stopping shades in these palettes (and I’m usually not one to be impressed by mattes).

The Solmåne Highlighter Palette offers two more natural, everyday hues alongside a blue-purple shade and seemingly golden-yellow duochrome shade. They can be applied softly for a subtle glow or with a heavy hand if you want a high-shine highlight.

The Alva cream lip stain I paired with this look was in the shade Water Lily, a lovely coral nude with delicate red sparkles. The finish is perfectly glossy without being sticky, but they also have a matte variation if you prefer a matte lip.


Final Thoughts

Oden’s Eye Cosmetics is an indie beauty brand well worth the money, especially at such relatively affordable prices that give you amazing pigmentation and products that are so darn pretty to look at.

And if all the warm and rosy colors don’t tinkle your fancy, they just released their latest collection, the Älva II Nature Elf Series, which includes colors from all over the rainbow spectrum as they are inspired by the Norse elemental nature spirits. The collection is comprised of the Älva II generation 16-color eyeshadow palette, Älva II generation 4-color highlighter palette, Älva II mini sky eyeshadow palette, Älva II mini ocean eyeshadow palette, and the Älva II mini forest eyeshadow palette.

I hope this brand review gave you some magickal inspiration and a few products to try.

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