7 Affordable Online Shops for Crystals In All Shapes and Colors

This post is not sponsored and the links are not affiliate, so I will not be making any money off of any purchases you choose to make through the following independent sellers. The images used in this post do not belong to me and are accredited to their appropriate owners.

The holiday season will soon be at our doorstep and crystals have already begun to appear on online shops in the shape of carved pumpkins and pointed-witches hats. But anyone who loves crystals also knows they can come with some hefty price-tags, and, though we may all want good quality, what’s even more important these days is practical affordability.

Crystals can be used to decorate our spaces, as well as, ourselves and offer the energies we associate them with alongside their earthly beauty. There is no shortage of crystal-selling businesses today, if anything the market is oversaturated with options from all around the world and with prices that vary just as much.

So, I have compiled a simple list to get any crystal-lover on the hunt for reasonably priced stones a starting point from which to discover online shops that offer unique pieces and low prices that prove that less truly can be more.

Photo Credit: Moon Child Minerals


Based in Portland, Oregon, this shop offers crystals in the traditional tumbled, rough, point, and palm stone finish variety at prices as low as $3.00, $2.00 and even $1.00. A perfect shop if you’re looking to expand your collection to enable the making of crystal grids which often require many pieces to complete successfully.

They carry all manner of stones and are bound to have the one you are looking for from the common quartz, amethyst, and jet to more specific stone variants like green goldstone, Sedona red jasper, and peach Botswana agate.

What I like best about this shop is that they offer rocks that have been carved into shapes like pyramids, cats, spheres, unicorns, skulls and more, the majority of which are priced at under twenty dollars. Carved crystals can easily cost upwards of fifty dollars, so having them accessible at more affordable prices through this shop makes it a great place to browse for new crystal babies. Especially, if you like to assign them particular correspondences based on their shape or like to have certain figures and symbols on your altar.

Photo Credit: Loving Thyself Rocks


Based in Oviedo, Florida, you can expect to find excellently picked specimens of rocks and minerals with gorgeous patterning, texture, and color hues. Their prices are slightly higher than the previous shop but I highly recommend taking a look at their offerings as they have some of the best pricing I have seen considering the larger sizes of some of their stones.

They have a very handsomely sized $18.00 carnelian palm stone, for example, and I cannot stress enough how obvious it is that they pay attention to the details when choosing their stock.

If you prefer your crystals with high color saturation and or with their signature stone patterning, you’ll find something here that catches your eye.

Photo Credit: Moon Mountain Gems


Based in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, more than half of the crystals on their shop are priced at under five dollars – a true gem for those on a tight budget and looking to grow their collection without breaking the bank.

You can buy a baggy of clear quartz at wholesale price, a rose quartz tower larger than a hand for $28.00, 25 grams of crystal chips in your choice of stone for $2.50, and many more special finds. Also, if you are a fan of selenite you’ll be able to find it in just about any shape and size you could possibly want, be it an angel, knife, bowl, or candle holder (to name but a few). There is also an enticing “One of Everything Crystal Set” that would include 40-45 of the shops best selling rough crystals all for $43.00 that would give you an instant crystal collection.

An extra plus if you buy crystals from this shop is that their other items are just as reasonably priced, from their selection of herbs and cleansing tools to their adorable wooden crystal grids.

Photo Credit: New Moon Beginnings


Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this seller will give you an epic online shopping experience as they have more than 3500 items available to choose and pick from on their shop with prices that start at $1.35. Their massive stock is likely one of the main reasons that their items are largely so affordably priced.

Whether you’re in the market for rough stones, wearable rocks and minerals, large statement pieces, or crystal sets, you’ll find hundreds, upon hundreds of options to add to your collection both now and in the future. They have everything from clear quartz to garnet, and also offer gorgeous crystal and herb topped candles imbued with intent, inexpensive chakra stone sets, and a handful of wholesale priced rocks.

Photo Credit: Jane R Jewelry


Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, they offer many affordable, wearable crystals in the form of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Crystal jewelry can often be too expensive or cheaply made, this shop offers beautifully designed accessories you’ll be both proud to wear and able to afford.

With a lovely selection of raw, multifaceted, and carved finish crystals, you’ll be able to find a piece of jewelry that will let you take a little bit of magic and beauty with you wherever you go. Crystal jewelry has a way of making its wearer feel empowered and protected with the knowledge that their chosen stone is with them throughout the day.

The arrowhead necklaces have a particularly cool, historic look to them and there are other interesting varieties of shapes that will add eccentricity to your collection of crystals and jewelry.

Photo Credit: Crystal Elation


Based in New York, USA, if you have a particular affinity for citrine and amethyst then you’ll appreciate this shop’s refined selection of both. Some of there specimens do have a hefty price on them but mixed in are also more budget-friendly options like 7 to 13 dollar amethyst and citrine crystals.

The stones they sell are some of the most aesthetically pleasing in regards to their vivid saturation of color and elegant cuts. I ordered from this shop and the customer service was excellent and prompt (they even provided a bonus amethyst crystal with my order), and I’ve never been one to gravitate toward amethyst but I was as impressed with them as I was with my citrine, which is one of my favorite crystals.

Their larger sized options are also worth taking a look at as their prices are reasonable considering the size of the crystal you get if you’re in the market for a statement altar piece.

Photo Credit: Moonlight Jewels CA


Based in Vancouver, Canada, this shop offers a fine stock of both standalone crystals and crystal jewelry. The isolated crystals have very nicely sized proportions considering their inexpensive price tags, a handful of which are between 3 and 11 dollars.

The wearable crystals are agreeably priced between $19-$27 when taking into account the intricate detailing and unique shapes and cuts they offer which include crescent moons, evil eyes, stars, butterflies, and more. The jewelry they sell above those prices ($30-$47) are statement earrings and necklaces that are also a bargain in contrast with the large, handmade crystal pendant necklaces that are normally upwards of fifty dollars and their earrings are also all one-of-a-kind due to the raw nature of the stones.

Overall, a great shop to browse if you enjoy being able to easily carry a crystal on your person.

Whether you use crystals in your spiritual practice, believe in their healing and balancing capabilities, or simply feel joy at seeing their beauty decorate your space, it’s always a good day when we can treat ourselves to nice things while still respecting our finances and preserving our peace as a result.

I hope this enabled you to pick out a pretty stone or two as a gift to someone you love or to your own divine self.

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