7 Witchy Makeup Brands Perfect Year-Round

Cover Photo by Alma Black on Unsplash

Spook-tacular makeup is perfect year round no matter the holiday or season, but seeing as Halloween awaits us at the end of October and we’ve all been in the need for something to make us feel energized and celebratory – why not get into the spirit of spooky season with some wonderfully witchy makeup brands?

Photo Credit: https://ritueldefille.com/

Ritual De Fille

These makeup products were brought into being through the power of three. The brand was founded by three sisters, Katherine, Caroline and Michelle Ramos, who were inspired by the magical properties of natural ingredients, and “the ritualistic, ceremonial power of pigment.

From the mystical naming of their products with words like ‘alchemist’, ‘enchanted’, ‘celestial’, and more to the color selection and marketing campaigns that evoke a sense of wicked wonder, this brand will draw you in, especially, if putting on makeup is a ritualistic practice in mindfulness and embodying your power.

The Metamorphic Highlighters in the shades The High Priestess (a cosmic lilic shift), The Enchantress (an extraterrestrial aqua shift), The Sorcerer (a liquid metal silver shift), The Siren (a blush-gold sunlight shift), and The Chimera (a luminous lime blossom shade) are worth browsing the brand’s website alone.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/babybatbeauty/

Baby Bat Beauty

This brand gives goth a playful and fun twist, with colorful glitters and shimmers and packaging sure to satisfy lovers of bats and the modern witchcraft aesthetic who also like to have some humor and sass thrown into their makeup collection.

The product names are especially fun to explore, here are a few of my personal favorites: Diamond Blood Liquid Highlighter in Cursed and Divination, Matte Liquid Lipstick in Medusa and Beneath the Stars, Lip Gloss in Freya, Afterlife, and Augury, Loose Glitter in Bat Out of Hell, and the Summer Goth Palette with shades like Coven Chic, Occult, and Litha.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/shroudcosmetics/

Shroud Cosmetics

Previously mentioned in my 13 Indie Beauty Brands Free Of Drama and Full Of Color, it bares repeating that this operation is a one woman show that brings you unique color stories imbued with the magic and mystery.

Their Arcana collection alone is sure to jazz up your makeup during October and every month after, from a beautifully jewel toned Arcana palette well-balanced with mattes and shimmers to the mesmerizing Arcana Mystic Veil spray in the shades Incantation with aqua sparkle, and Projection with magenta-purple sparkle.

If you like a diversity of color options, particularly when eyeshadow palettes and singles are concerned, then you enjoy taking a look at their offerings.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/ouija_cosmetics/

Ouija Cosmetics

Having only just launched on August 1st of 2020, Ouija Cosmetics already has an impressive selection of products to choose from that have very obviously been meticulously formulated and curated to match the spooky theme of their brand.

Be it their Ouija Palette filled with autumn hues, their two other palettes called Séance and Occult, loose glitters and pigments in shades like Blue Moon, Hallows’ Eve, Love Spell, and Graveyard Glow, or four iconically witchy Liquid Lipsticks in Jack o’ Lantern, Spell Book, Black Magic, and Witches Brew – this brand is about as hocus-pocus as you can get.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/necromancycosmetica/

Necromancy Cosmetica

Lovers of dark, deathly, and vegan cosmetics rejoice! This one is most definitely for you, from the name, to the photo campaigns, to the spooky hues, the vibe of this brand will cast the coolest spell on your makeup looks. Or, in their own words, “Gloomy and striking, brooding and seething, Necromancy Cosmetica is the line of matte lipsticks that will take your makeup styling into the right dark alley.

We’ve mentioned a lot of awesome product names but this brand really knows how to pick perfectly ghoulish words and phrases for their lipsticks like: Grave Digger (a rusty orange), Martyr’s Blood (a dark maroon), Bitchwitched (a bright cool red), Carnal Sin (a dark red), Necromantia (a metallic navy blue), Segunda Plaga (a froggy dark green), and Deadly Nightshade (a light grey with blue undertones).

For those of you that like putting your makeup on display and have an affinity for gothic decor, you might fancy their curious little coffin lipstick bullet display.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/LunatiCKCosmeticLabs/

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/LunatiCKCosmeticLabs/

The epitome of morbidly creepy yet cute, the brand has carved out a safe space for those who find beauty in bold alternative styles and horror aesthetics. But make no mistake, they have a variety of classic shades alongside their crazier creations, truly something for everyone willing to step outside the [coffin] box.

They have a palette decorated in the shape and image of an anatomically detailed heart appropriately named Take My Heart, and four different coffin-shaped palettes, Descendant, Zombie Defense, Relic, and Vampira. Alongside a multitude of face, lip, and single eyeshadow products and march accessories.

Their Lip Slick liquid lipsticks in Coven Cream, Grave Heart, Tainted Temptress, and Ritual Red and single eyeshadow in Amberzombie & Ditch are some personal shade name favorites.

Photo Credit: https://www.prettyzombiecosmetics.com

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

Speaking of zombies, the last but certainly not least brand on the list is another lip-products only company sure to offer a shade you don’t yet have in your collection, especially not with the spectacularly witchy twists they’ve given their liquid lipsticks.

Whether you’re looking for a pumpkin orange color named Pumpkin, pink nude with gold glitter named Magic Potion, a bright green named 1313, a royal purple named 3 Witches, a true black named Black Cat, a berry-purple red named Morticia, a royal blue named Sea Witch, a dark brown named Broomstick, or a glittery magenta berry outright named Witchcraft – you’ll find each of those and many more.

I know that it’s easy to see makeup as trivial these days more than ever before, but it’s the small things we accentuate our lives with that remind us that not every moment of the day need be serious and rigid… sometimes what we really need is to do something for no other reason than that it makes us happy.

If makeup is an activity that brings you joy and you are lucky enough to be able to indulge in it, then by all means do not deprive yourself and remember that it’s not about the amount of makeup you own but what you do with what you have.

Makeup can be the morning ritual that prepares us for the day just as much mentally as it does physically, and it can also grant us the opportunity to play and create with color.

Which of these witchy makeup brands will you be creating magic with in the future?

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