Magic for the Rare Halloween Blue Moon

Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

The first October full moon just happened last week, but since this month will also bring us an extra special, rare blue moon on none other than Halloween I thought it would be helpful to offer some magical inspiration with plenty of time to prep.

For those who don’t know, this moon is not only the second full moon within the month of October but it will also be the first Halloween full moon that will be visible to the entire world no matter the time zone since 1944 – pretty freaking magical.

Moon Water

This is the first suggestion because it is the most obvious and simplest to do if you don’t have a lot of time to allot to other activities. The Blue Moon on this special day will also be perfect for placing a jar of water under the moon to charge if you have been running low on your moon water and have been needing to replenish it anyway.

Even if moon water is not something you make or use often, this is still the opportune moment to make a batch for when you do need or want it in the future because you’ll have moon water in your tool kit that has been charged under a very powerful and rare moon.

Ancestral Connection Magic

For many cultures and traditions around the world, this time of year was thought to be when the veil between the physical and spiritual world was at its thinnest. This was responded to by many with the creation of practices that allowed people to contact and or honor their dead.

Take this time to connect with your ancestors by speaking to them, creating an altar for them, laying out the food, drink or other items they loved in life, placing a photo of them in a special place and lighting a candle or pouring a glass of water in their name, or visiting their grave and leaving them flowers if you can.

Photo by Grace Madeline on Unsplash

Ritual Moon Bath

For those fortunate enough to have a tub big enough for a bath (which I, sadly, am not) and who love infusing their self-love and self-care practices with their witchcraft, I suggest you get your hands on an herbal bath salts blend or magical bath bomb, decorate your bath with candles and flower petals, and treat yourself to a moon bath ritual.

Take out your bathtub caddy tray if you have one and read a Halloween and or Blue Moon worthy book, do a spooky card reading, and listen to a witchy podcast or October music playlist.

Protection Bottle or Bag

Depending on your practice and personal correspondences, you’ll associate different items with protection but its importance in keeping our spaces and the energies around us safe is a reality that remains true for all.

So break out your jars or baggies and choose one to fill with protective herbs, crystals, oils and other items of protection to create either a protection bottle or bag for yourself. Make sure you focus your energy and intention on dedicating each item you place in the bottle or pouch for protecting you and or your home from harm, illness, ill-will, and any other negative energies.

If creating a protection bottle, try sealing it with candle wax to seal in your intention. If creating a protection bag, try out some braiding or knot magic by being intentional with the cord or string you use to close the pouch.

Abundance & Prosperity Magic

Full moons are generally associated with abundance, prosperity, and wealth and are often utilized to promote fullness in one’s life particularly in the areas of finance, business, career, and success.

This can be done in the form of a money spell or bowl, a spell for luck in money, a spell for increasing business, or for getting a new job. Common ingredients for this work include but are not limited to bay leaves, basil, cinnamon, citrine, pyrite, green or gold crystals, a fake bill of $1000 or more, coins, and green candles.

Photo by Lana Graves on Unsplash

Amulet & Jewelry Charming

Charming the jewelry you wear most often or particularly when you engage in spiritual activities is an excellent way of establishing or strengthening your desired intent when you wear them.

Most people create amulets or charms for protection purposes so that they can easily carry a piece of protection on their person wherever they go. Other common intentions set for amulets include love and luck but any item of any color, shape, material, or symbol can be justified as a charm if you imbue it with magical meaning, purpose, and power.

New Beginnings Tarot Spread

Halloween is also popularly recognized by witches as Samhain and represents the pagan New Year for those who follow the Wheel of the Year. This is because the Gaelic festival traditionally marked the end of the lighter half of the year and the beginning of the darker half, and because it was believed that darkness came before the light it was celebrated as a new beginning.

So, doing a tarot or oracle twelve-card spread either for new beginnings or the year ahead would be a more than appropriate activity to do under the Halloween Blue Moon.

Home / Sacred Space Cleansing

Cleansing can be done in many different ways and it can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be, from using an herb and crystal infused room spray to burning your favorite incense and carrying it through every doorway, window, and corner of your home.

Given the uniqueness of this full moon, I would encourage you to thoroughly clean your space by mixing a sacred water or powder like Florida Water or Blue Anil into your regular cleaning products so that you get both a spiritual and bacterial cleanse.

Photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash

Work with Deity

Working with deity is not a requirement to be spiritual or a witch, but if it is an important part of your practice or even something that has peaked your interest then this would be a wonderful time to try and connect with the deity of your choosing or see if you get any hints or messages from a specific figure.

This can be done through close-eyed meditation, scrying with a mirror, a crystal ball, a bowl of water, or candle flame, or sitting down and writing a poem or dedicating a page in your Grimoire to a deity you feel drawn to. There are many more ways to reach out to or solidify your relationship with deity, from prayers to offerings, but these were just a few ideas.

Sigil Magic and Creation

Sigil magic can be one of the easiest forms of magic for many because all it requires is carving a sigil onto a candle, over your skin with oil, into your pot or pan as you cook, on a piece of paper to burn, carrying it with you as a necklace or ring… in truth, sigil magic is limited only by one’s imagination.

Use the power of the Blue Moon to create a potent sigil to represent any intention of your choosing or to signify strength so that you can use it to strengthen the energy of any and all of your future spell work, rituals and other magical purposes.

Create or Re-arrange an Altar

If you do not already have an altar or sacred space, then this would be the perfect time to create one under the powerful energies of the Halloween Blue Moon. You don’t need a million tools to make one, all you need is to dedicate a specific space, table, or box as your safe haven for all your magical practices and a home for any items of spiritual significance to you.

If you already have an altar, then allow your creativity to run free and remove everything so that you may revitalize the energy of the space by putting your effort, time and care into rearranging things with purposefulness and mindfulness. Altars are, after all, believed to be works of art in and of themselves by many practitioners.

I included a quick run-down of as many ideas as I thought would compliment the energies of the upcoming rare Halloween Blue Moon, if you would like a more in depth post on any of the subjects mentioned let me know in the comments beneath this post.

Feel free to take only that which makes sense to contribute into your existing practice and by no means should you feel pressured to do everything on this list. Do what fits within the confines of your craft or explore something new as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Have a Happy Halloween, Merry Samhain, and very Magical Full Moon!

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