11 Unique Tarot & Oracle Decks to Gift

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Gift-giving season is officially here, whether it feels different from any other time of this blur of a year is debatable, but this list will help you find a deck of cards to gift a friend (or your own witchy self) that will perfectly match their outward aesthetic or the artistry they gravitate towards be it earthy, dreamy, dark, modern, or cat-filled.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

The green witch and rustic cottagecore visuals many of us have seen on our social media feeds are perfectly encapsulated in this one deck with cards like Strength being represented by garlic and The Hierophant by cacao.

The Court Cards become Hijas for Pages, Adelitas for Knights, Madres for Queens, Curanderas for Kings, and the four suits become Air for Swords, Fire for Wands, Water for Cups, Earth for Pentacles; both add extra wonderfully special twists to the tarot.

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

Hand-painted by multi-award winning artist and graphic novelist Tillie Walden who drew inspiration from manga and Studio Ghibli to bring a fun-loving deck with all the vibrancy of a youthful spirit and dream-like artworks.

The Modern Witch Tarot

Just as the name suggests, this deck is what everyone tired of pulling the same slim, Greek god-like figures and eagerly looking for a gorgeously melanated tarot with a curvy cast of cards to shuffle instead have been waiting for.

Also, in these illustrations contemporary technology and clothing exist so if the medieval renaissance is less than relatable to you or your friend then that’s another fabulous reason to put this in a stocking or two.

Tarot del Toro

Whether purchasing for an avid cinephile, a fan of Director Guillermo del Toro’s films, or a general enthusiast of dark horror artistry, this deck of cards will be sure to draw their receiver into the fantastical and beastly world of Toro’s stories.

Star Spinner Tarot

If your giftee would greatly appreciate a series of cards that reject heteronormativity and embrace LGBTQ+ figures by including three different variations of The Lovers card (to name one of many artistic liberties taken by the creator to champion inclusivity) – then look no further than this colorful deck filled with illustrations that draw from a wide array of myths and fairytales.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

Fans of Tim Burton’s cult classic animated film can rejoice and enjoy getting divinatory messages or simply a little bit of perspective for self-reflection from their favorite spooky and mischievous citizens of Halloween Town illustrated in the same wicked style that made the movie so strangely enchanting.

The four suits have been transformed into Candles for Wands, Needles for Swords, Potions for Cups, and Presents for Pentacles.

Cat Tarot

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for a kitten lover? Look no further.

It’s pretty safe to say this tarot doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as our sassy lion-wannabe furry friends take themselves. Many of the artworks showcase cats in some of their most curious and clumsy moments while still following the overall structure of an RWS deck. The best example of this is probably the imagery of a vacuum being the chosen representation for the Death card.

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Plenty of deck collectors have this sitting on their shelves or on their tarot cloths but I am recommending it particularly as a gift to someone who has been eyeing tarot for a while but is perhaps still unsure and doesn’t resonate with any traditional art styles.

It’s heavy on line-work with lots of black and white and thoughtful splashes of color that make it feel very modern and abstract.


The Crystal Grid Deck

Crystal witches and hoarders rejoice, here is a deck made just for you by the same creator as the Mystic Mondays Tarot. The hexagonal shape of the cards allow them to be used just as the name implies to make crystal grids or puzzle them together in any card spread of your choosing.

With 80 cards to shuffle and pull from, this oracle is full of possibilities.

The Literary Witches Oracle

A deck for the bibliophiles and bookworms whom you’re tired of only ever gifting books to, this oracle is filled with 70 cards that will add dark literary spiritual insight and feminist guidance to any divinatory practice.

If receiving messages from thirty prominent, visionary female writers and the otherworldly symbolism that appeared in their stories sounds like it would bring someone a jolly time then add this to the Christmas shopping list.

Moonology Oracle Cards

These days we all probably have a friend with either a lukewarm or hyperactive passion for astrology, this deck will be sure to please any reader of the stars and lover of the moon with its zodiac informed cards and advice.

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