Arts And Witchcrafts: A Variety of Witchy Wares

Spooky goodies always find their way onto my shelves and altar space, even after trying to pull back on my trinket collecting. But when the owner of an adorable Etsy shop called Arts And Witchcrafts reached out and asked if they could send me over one of their handmade items – I said yes!

I picked out a small wooden coffin box with a golden clasp to hold my special jewelry or crystals. It caught my eye because it’s handpainted with black and white stripes and the cutest little orange pumpkin on the lid.

The bottom is painted with the same beautiful orange as the pumpkin, along with the inner border of the box. The rest of the inside is painted pitch black, and altogether the design and colors embody my favorite holiday: Halloween! And it’s shaped like a coffin, which is a huge plus for me especially because I was literally looking at something similar when the shop serendipitously contacted me.

It really is the perfect size for rings, crystals, or any of those other little knickknacks that are always a little tricky to find a spot for (at least in a way that you don’t lose them).

And as you can see in the little photoshoot I did for the box, it fits perfectly with my vibe and aesthetic! So, whether you need a last-minute gift for someone who loves all things gothic, moody, and witchy or just want something for yourself AND love supporting small businesses as much as I do – be sure to check out the shop!

She also sells handmade candles, body sprays, and solid perfumes along with her handpainted and decorated boxes, some of which are tarot-themed.

Happy Holidays and support small and local businesses all year round!

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