(IML 385 Final Project)

Project Write-up:

THE LIFECYCLE OF SOFTWARE OBJECTS BY TED CHIANG focuses on how the digients, both as an advancement in technology and as virtual beings, affect the people and society around them. I wanted to further explore how advanced technology may be impacting the aspects of the world of the digients the story did not talk about or explain as it was not the author’s main purpose.

But I couldn’t help but think that whenever the digital world makes advancements they are undoubtedly not merely limited to the creation of futuristic pets. So I decided to create a poster that explored how digital and technological advancements may have impacted the human body and various sections of human society. I also wanted to theorize through visuals that technology would look different on the poor, on the rich, on the military, on women, on men, etcetera. And I did not limit myself to a specific look for the technology because I believe people’s own personal preferences and needs would impact the design as well.

As for the quote “I am Machine,” it is a commentary on one of the main debates within the story in regards to whether or not the digients were human or had a soul and if so were they human enough to understand things such as emotions, sexuality, consequences, responsibility, and other mundane elements of human life. I challenge that by questioning if people and society continue to envelop themselves so much in technology and digital spaces, do they lose what separates them as humans from machines?

DISCLAIMER: All images used in the collage were collected on Google and belong to their respective owners. If you are one of the owners and wish to be given credit please contact me.

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